Monday, November 23, 2009

The Causes of Poor Behaviour in the Classroom

Question: What are the typical causes of poor behavior in the classroom

Essay that I was choose is about poor behavior in the classroom. Poor behavior hapent from the student that’s not have good behavior. Because of this students, many poor behavior hapent in classroom. Poor behavior is not good for students. Because it can make student not received what the letcure teach. The poor behavior is not good for others students that want to understand what lecture teach.

The first one cause poor behavior is noisy. Noisy can make classroom like a “Bazar Ramadhan”. Everyone want to show who have a higher sound. That can make what a lecture teach not reach to students. Noisy can make other person in classroom cannot give a higher attention for what a lecture teach.

Sleeping in classs is to poor behavior. This hapent because of behavior sleept late in hostel. This behavior can make letcure angry. This student to cannot received what topic that others students discuss with letcure. This behavior is can be caused for not respect other person that want to study.

Mostly, many students don’t know that eating in class is classified of poor behavior to. That is because, this behavior like them do at home. After eat, their throw the rubbish everywhere. That can make classroom like a dissmical rubbish place.

In my conclusion, this poor behavior is not good to students. Because manything is not done if students have this behavior. Students must have a good behavior to make classroom like a good place to study. Students must respect letcure and other friends.