Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Analyze the effects of excessive television viewing on children.

One of the benefits is education. We have a channel to education on Astro. Parent should use this oppotunity for their children. For other benefits is children can get the information from television. For example is animals plants on the Astro. After that, the children can direct study for to know the animals. In the television the children can get the more information to pass by television.

After that, the children can lesson to by pass the story. Other benefits can also why the children watching the television because the children has strees after back to school. Futhermore, we must know watch the television can be only watch the television if we have bored and hot activities to do.

Finally, children must be focur on education not watching television always. Children must do timetable for watching television, and can divide between education and television.

What are the effects of water pollution?

Recently water pollution in our life has increase day by day. If this situation contilously, it could effects to all living thing specialist aquatics. Water is the importen resause for all living thing in this aerts. Without water all living thing in this earts will damange and can cause death. All most all water pollution cause by a human because, bussines, building, and money. Unroctics many effect has coming to our life.

Water pollution is very dengrous to our people because people can get many deseases like, scabies, rash and many more. It also cause death to people because drinking water polluted. It also effected to aquticss because of oil liking, toxity and many more.

Other than that, government will provisions hight bill to water polluted to ensure the people are safe. More over, water pollution will effect to farmer for planting and livestock and this will decrease a food resourse for human and living thing because food has been polluted.

Next effect of water pollutiong is, our next generation will not get good water resause because pollutiong that happen in this time. Besides that, to our future drought will may happen for a longger time and water resause will decrease.

Conculsion is, water is most importent to our life. We must keep our water safe for our next generation and to all living thing.