Friday, January 7, 2011

Explain The Causes for The Popularity of Fast Food Restaurants

WARNING: This is not a pervert essay,ok!
Popularity of fast food restaurant in Malaysia like mushroom. The most popular fast food in Malaysia are Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), Macdonals, Subway, Marry Brown, Burger King to be choice Malaysian citizen in this time cause it’s like trend Malaysia people right now whose busy at work and no time to cock.

This why, some people take advantage to open fast food restaurants cause it’s can be runs and wealth to serve many customer’s came to eat when launch hour.

Besides, fast food restaurant like Macdonald, KFC open in 24 hour. It’s can be easy to people come eat when after mid night and it can be easy, people dont need cock after midnight when their hungry. (w.t.?)

Another reason why reason fast food restaurant so popular in our modern life right now it, some restaurant have a special recipe it can make something different with other restaurant and specialise. Many choice to make people like to go where ever fast food restaurant.

Some people to much buzy at work, home and family business, no have time to go out to eat. So, their just make an call to where ever, fast food restaurant their want to order food cause all fast food restaurant provide delevary service.

Also, fast food restaurant have a standard and maintain they hygnne for satisfied the customer for their reputation. People likely to go in that places for top rated and illness. (top rated and ilness?)

Many advertising in television, radio, newspaper and magazine shows the promotion price for the food to make interactive people to came their fast food restaurant and buy the food as their hear it in advertising.

Fast served it’s the important thing in fast food restaurant because it’s are the way fast food service all about. People don’t want to waiting a long time to get their food but in fast food restaurant people can get their food only just for three or four minutes only.

Kids love to go fast food restaurant because of in restaurant have an playground it’s much fun to eat and play with a same time.

Conculation of this cause popularity fast food in Malaysia are good for economi and to help people to get good services and help them to safe our time because in our modern lif right now many thing to do except cock. (OMG!)


Causes for The Popularity of Fast Food.

The popularity of fast food restaurants KFC, because to famous in Malaysia. To people popularity the asian restaurant food operated past midnight 24 hours. Parking park at restaurant K. F.C the big. The food to restaurants K.F.C. mini coice and family any time to go restaurants K.F.C.

The why some people to restaurants cause the food restaurant K.F.C the very nice and mine coices. One customer go to restaurants to one copon free to people. Boy dever to home 24hours. The taste of fast food is more delicious to any people. The faste food also served to family. Family and children any time Saturday and Sunday go to restaurant food K.F.C. Restaurants K.F.C the big in Kuala Lumpur. Popular K.F.C chicken, potato, the very nice and the so good. The spice in ingredient is more the better. The quality restaurants the indoor and outdoor.

Have their own attraction to people. The children to food the mine coice. Children more attract to them because their attraction. The manager restaurant had converted park car the customer driver. The there were three other restaurants operating from the children and family (?).

Conculation of popularity of fast food restaurants K.F.C is quality in restaurants . The people to save time go to fast food restaurants in Malaysia and open 24 hours save time and save money. The coming to customers and hari raya open the restaurant K.F.C any time.