Wednesday, December 29, 2010


'too many irons in the fire'
- juggling too many projects at once and something's bound to fail.

'keep your nose out of something'
- to not become involved in something

'rolling in the aisles'
- laughing loudly

'going to bat for someone'
- to support or help someone

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Experience is More Important Than Qualification

Experience is more important than qualification. Experience important in the workplace because it can do work more beautiful and their because before maybe have a mistake at workplace, mistake mengajar we for do it are working better, worker's yang more have experience will loving their employer's, maybe employer's will give more payment. Worker yang more have experince juga will menjadi leader in workplace and new worker will study at worker more have experience.

Experience can help worker for quickly the product better and juga will keuntungan kepada employers. Bila product is perfect will influence more many costumer, people yang sudah membeli product, maybe their will influence people anymore for buy the product yang perfect, and last year workers more have experience will can anugerah.

Qualifications juga important because have membuktikan yang their have knowlage working mengenai yang diceburi. Their yang have qualification will given pangkat with employer's dengan serta merta. Their juga will looking tinggi with worker's yang lain because their mempunyai knowlage and qualifications about bidang yang diceburi. Their qualifications yang mempunyai qualification juga have mengkaji more in bidang yang diceburi.

But experience the most important because their it can do work more beutiful and their yang have experience will quickly the product is better and their will are loving at the employers, because their dapat given employers keuntungan yang banyak.

p/s: Excuse me, this is an ENGLISH class ya.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Pick of The Week

1. When we still students, still schooling, we must concestraight on study at school.

2. Other cause when student working during studies is their health will be falling down.

3. Next, the lazy emoticion can be have in student. It is because, student think that they have money to spend their life.

4. We must don't give up. It is because the kejayaan and kesenangan not come easier.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Students Should Not Take Part-Time Jobs.

I agree students should not take up part-time jobs because jobs of a student is a study. If students not study has be can student poor in a life.

Student has take up part time jobs can be not strong to study because it tired in the jobs. In knight it do jobs, morning to evening it study in the collage has to be lazy to study. Job is for the anyone is not study. Student is for study. If it take part timet jobs it cannot has time to do homework, assment and not fokus to study because the body and brain is tired.

Student can do part time jobs when it has semester break, because in semester break student cannot studied it is a break for student to rest.