Friday, March 23, 2012

Nine of Us: Preface

Good day everyone!

I haven't been writing here for quite some times.
And today I decided to put on a bit colour to this aged blog.

What I will be writing is about a group of students which was selected to join an extra class with me. A sort of tuition but free of charge.

They are selected based on their performance in English Language class.

They are considered as the 'critical' group.
It is indeed a tiny effort of us in improving our language use especially in communication.

The objectives of this intensive class are:

  1. To assist the students in understanding their core technical subjects as the medium of class instruction is English Language.

  2. To give a proper classroom setting to the students so that they have equal opportunity to participate in any activities.

  3. To focus on individual language incompetency and apply suitable corrective action.

  4. To encourage students on practicing public speaking and effective presentation.

  5. To personally build their self-esteem and self-confident in dealing with language fluency.

Well, there are a lot more possible objectives to be thought of I supposed. But let just accept this main five, okay?

I laid a high expectation towards them as I would like to see the outcome of it.

I'll report on the progress of the class whenever I have the time, shall I?

Till then, adieu!