Monday, November 23, 2009

The Causes of Poor Behaviour in the Classroom

Question: What are the typical causes of poor behavior in the classroom

Essay that I was choose is about poor behavior in the classroom. Poor behavior hapent from the student that’s not have good behavior. Because of this students, many poor behavior hapent in classroom. Poor behavior is not good for students. Because it can make student not received what the letcure teach. The poor behavior is not good for others students that want to understand what lecture teach.

The first one cause poor behavior is noisy. Noisy can make classroom like a “Bazar Ramadhan”. Everyone want to show who have a higher sound. That can make what a lecture teach not reach to students. Noisy can make other person in classroom cannot give a higher attention for what a lecture teach.

Sleeping in classs is to poor behavior. This hapent because of behavior sleept late in hostel. This behavior can make letcure angry. This student to cannot received what topic that others students discuss with letcure. This behavior is can be caused for not respect other person that want to study.

Mostly, many students don’t know that eating in class is classified of poor behavior to. That is because, this behavior like them do at home. After eat, their throw the rubbish everywhere. That can make classroom like a dissmical rubbish place.

In my conclusion, this poor behavior is not good to students. Because manything is not done if students have this behavior. Students must have a good behavior to make classroom like a good place to study. Students must respect letcure and other friends.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

it is...not...

Dear Students,


it's SHIFT not SIFT






it's THEIR not THIER

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Traffic Accidents

Write a paragraph about the possible causes of traffic accidents. Remember you are not writing about one particular accident but accidents in general.


1. The main cause of traffic accidents happens because from the careless of the driver. The drivers not follow the rules and regulations of road. Sometime the driver sleepy when they drive. They also drive under influence of drug such as alcohol or drug. Many of peoples drive so speed so they were lose control.

2. The possible causes of traffic accidents is alcoholic and failure of technical. Tired and sleepy also can be possible causes of traffic accidents. Another possible causes of traffic accident are driver careless.

3. The possible causes of traffic accidents are the driver that careless, impatience when driving and get influence in drug when they were driving. Get drunk also can cause the accident and can make it as one of causes because it dangerously driving with it. Other than that, obey the traffic rules is the cause of traffic accidents. (?)

4. The causes of traffic accidents is lose control because of sleepy, and drunk also can cause lose control. Traffic accident also causes by the driver drive over speed and hard to break when ever have some emergency. The driver careless, also can causes traffic accidents.

5. The cause of traffic accidents alcoholic and sleepy. It’s also can happen because of technical problem. Another the possible causes of traffic accidents is the driver is careless. Tired also can be possible causes of traffic accident.

6. Traffic accidents are happened because of driver drives careless. In case accidents are happen because of driver drunk and they inject drugs. Some accidents also can be happen because of flat tyre and car make problem such as braking system or engine system corrupted.

7. Traffic accident happens because of dangerous driving from some irresponsible drives. Sumtimes accident can happen because of technical failure or break failure. The other reason or possible causes of traffic accident are, the particular driver, driving under drug influence, some driver drive so speed until they ignore the traffic rules and signs. There are also careless driver who lead to some serious accident.

8. The causes of traffic accidents because of the driver. They always in rush to reach the place that they wan to go. Sometimes they like to drink and drive that also can cause accident. For the young they like to race at the street to show their friends what can they do. The traffic jammed can make the drive tension this can effect the drive mind went drive in the traffic jammed. Accident also can cause by the mechanical problem such as the radiator, air-con problem and many more.

9. The possible causes of traffic accidents is when a driver are careless when driving., because of the driver does not follow the traffic rules also might causes an accident. Most of the drivers does not wear seatbelt, this also might prevent major injury if accident occur. Drivers like’s to speed to get somewhere fast, because of the attitude of the driver, accident will occur. Because of the drunk drivers, possibility in traffic to get accident is at high risk might cause accident.

10. There is many possible causes of traffic accidents. The most common one is because careless and lack of concentration. Driving under the drug and alcohol influence also can causes accidents. Driving selfish and unconsidered can bring yourself a problem while driving. Lastly, not enough rest can causes you traffic accidents.

11. The possible cause of traffic accident because many driver careless when drive. There also driver is impatience. There will be many accident can happen. There also has many driver is drunk in driving. When they in drunk they will drive speed and lose control.

12. The possible causes of traffic accidents are the driver driving and speeding. They also disobey the traffic rules and sometimes did not wear the sit belt. The most dangerous is when they drive when they get drunk.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Job Application Letter (Essay 1)

Dear Mr/Ms

I'm writing in response to the recruitment announcement you posted on Thanks to articles in Cincai Maju Construction Sdn. Bhd.(?) The prospect of this job especially in this field makes me particularly interested in pursuing your announcement at this time. (why do you want to pursue the announcement?)I believe that I will together with you to stand up more safety environment in your company.

My studies in Occupational Safety and Health at college have prepared me for the future. Specific courses in safety. I'm certain that the research, writing and class presentations featured in so many of my safety and health classes will make me solid critical thinker and communicator. Thanks to your announcement and research. (?) I have excellent communication, personalities and public relation skills. I am a fast learner, creative, well plan, have vision and easy to communicate kind of person. I love to work in-group but still can work independently and also enjoy travelling. In college I had contribute with secretary of MPP, committee of convocation day as master of ceremony (MC), and Promoter College at KLCC.

At your convenience, I can schedule either a visit to Cincai Maju Construction Sdn. Bhd. or a phone interview to start the selection process. Should you prefer the latter, my number is xxxxxxx. Thank you for your attention and consideration of my recommendation (?).

Your faithfully,


* Be careful with your thank you dear.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My Self (Essay 17)

I'm boy and were 18 years old. I'm here to study more about safety and health management. I know about the course by my grandfather who work as bodyguard in this college. He says that the college is very good and the place in near to his office so that is easy to go along with him.

My most dominant personality trait is I like to make funny face and sleepy face. I things that I most like to do is sleeping and eating.

The three things that I want people to notice about me is my hairstyle look alike sharkfin, my voice that like macho guy and my face that look alike Arash Muhamad.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My Self (Essay 16)

I am a man. I came from Malacca. I came here cause I want catch up my ambition. I like to do adventure activities. And a years a go my leg was broke because I jump out from above my hostel.

Before this i do not know about this course and this college. And, I know about this college from the newspaper. Then, I know to this college had a course that adventure and danger.

There are some things that I want people to notice about me. First, I was a shy man. Because, I shy is I can not to elaborate my talk to other people. Secondly, I were wear a spectacles. And my specs have a rectangle shape.

And there are a things to that I do not want people notice about me. There are, I was hot-temper. I will get mad if someone or a things that can make me get made. Secondly, I like play the others person feel. And that all what I do not want people notice about me.

If I would rather be at this moment I would be a chef because that kind of cretaria I like to do. And that all about me.

My Self (Essay 15)

Good morning. I'm a student at the X college. I'm come from Pahang wher Dato' Seri Najib Razak our Prime Minister was born. I'm 18 years old. I'm here because I want to take Diploma is Occupational Safety and Health management. I know this course and the college is from internet, newspaper, and was recommended by my uncle.

My most dominant personality is, I have a moustache. I was different from other people because my physical charecteristic is bigger from the other people. I have a dark skin. I also have a skar on my face and that's makes me look not handsome. I also was hot tempered but if I look a beautiful women my tempered will reduced. I also have a good attitude and have a good comunicate with a variation of people.

I want people to notice about me is, I have a kind heart even I'm a hot tempered. I also want people to describe me as a friendly person. I want people look me as a responsible person and respect to the old folk.

The thing that I want people to notice me is, I don't want people know me as a hot tempered. I also have a bat habit because "berdengkur" when sleeping. I also don't want people know me smoking.

At this moment, I rather to be at Langkawi because I want to refresh my mind after study. At Langkawi also I can do a lot of thing like diving, snorkling and trekking. I like to do all the activity because outdoor activity is my hobby. I hope I will always go to Langkawi.

My Self (Essay 14)

I am a boy. My age is 18 years old.

My most personality trait is i am happy go lucky boy.

The first thing that i want to notice about me is i am friendly person. Secondly, i want people know i am happy-go-lucky person. Lastly i want people to know that i am not a smoker.

3 things i do not people to notice about me is lately awake. I do not want people know i am lazy. I also do not people know i eat a lot.

At this time, i would rather be in a english class. Because i want to improve myself in my spoken.

My Self (Essay 13)

I'm from Kuala Terengganu. I a tenngger boy and my old 18 years old. I wan't to change my family live. I am know want to learn about safety and health managment. I know about this college from my auntie.

I'm a low personality and low profile. Anyone want to friend with me don't worry coz I'm a cool and sporting guy. Maybe my hair stylo. I'm a speky boy. If I would go shopping I like to buy some t-shirt and pants.

3 things about me want people who know I'm like to sleep a lot. I'm love karaoke coz want to relax tension. I and member like to go karoake. I want people know that i'am smoker.

3 thing i do not people to notice about me is lately awake. I did not how know i like eating. I do not like people know i'm lazy man.

All, this time, i would reather be in a English class. Becouse i want to improve and can speaking with anothe person.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

My Self (Essay 12)

My name is xxxxx. I’m from Terengganu. I’m hire at this College because I want be a safety offiser. I heard this Collage is one of the best safety collage in Malaysia. I know about this Collage from my father’s friend who worked at this Collage and I know about occupational safety and health course from my father.

My most dominant personality trait is always happy because my prinsip is happy go lucky. Another my most dominant personality trait is my hair is flat top.

I want people notice about me is im is a responsible and strictly. I’m also want people to notice about me I’m is a jokers, kind and hardworking man.

I dont want people notice me as a useless, lazy and bad boy. Stupid and fool also the things I dont want people notice about me.

If I not hire now, I think I’m must be sleep at house because I not sleep at night because I’m work at night.

My Self (Essay 11)

I from Besut, Terengganu. I have diploma marine cargo surveying from X Institute at Kemaman, Terengganu. I know about this College when I got the safety Petronas passport at the National of Occupational Safety And Health because I know when I grade, I can get the good job.

My most dominant personality trait is I always wear contact lens when I go to the class. The colour of my contact lens is pure hazel.
Peoples can notice about me from my style hair. I also always walk with my housemate when I go to the class. I also like wear the white shoes when I go to class. I like play futsal and watching television.

The things I do not want people to notice about me are I like sleep and smoke.

I would be a successful person at this moment. I would be a rich person because I want help peoples need the help.

My Self (Essay 10)

I am 18 years old boy living at the side of Kuala Lumpur, Gombak. Currently studying at the X College taking occupational safety and health management course. I know about this course and college from my dad who working at the construction industry. At the beginning, I still confuse and not really interested at this course, but after a while I starting to have more interest in this course.

The most dominant personality about me is people always talking about my heights. I am a very short and even my little brother is taller than me.

Five things that people should notice about me is that I am not so dark but also not so bright. I used to have a very long hair but I already cut it. I love to wear jeans and also sneakers shoes. Actually I am a pretty quiet person because I dont like to talk much.

I dont like people to describe me as a problematic student. Maybe sometimes I got a little bit over-zelious. I always sleep late because at night I always watching movie or hangout with my friend at mamak stall. Sometimes I can be a little bit lazy.

At this moment, I rather be at the shopping mall hangout with my friend and also watching movie because it is so boring right now.

My Self (Essay 9)

Helo, im a small size person who lived in Taman Melawati. Im 17 years old, but on the 24th December this year im turning 18 years old. Im currently studying at X College, im taking occupational safety and health management at X College. I heard this course from my best friend, he is taking this course here.

I am a very talkative and friendly person. That is why I can easily blend in with people. I do not wear specticals evendo I am visually-impaired. I also have a curly hair, tall height and small size cutting of my body.

There’s 5 things that people notice about me. I have a fair skin, Chiese looked eye’s, long hair and nice pair of ear’s. I also want people to noticed my appearance, I love to wear shirt because it’s show my smart appearance.

There is also 5 things I dont want people to noticed about me. I have a birthmark on my right ear’s, and I really hate pimples, I cant stand to look at my pimples. I hate people know me smoking but still, I smoke infront of them. I also dont want people to noticed my wake up hair, because it looks so annoying and messy. The worst thing that I dont want people to notice about me is sometimes I speak in my sleep.

I would rather be at home, watching tv, sleeping, and eating. That is the best thing to do at this moment.

My Self (Essay 8)

I am 18 years old. Coming from Setiawangsa, Kuala Lumpur. I am very interested about safety because I haved basic from fire briged cadet before this when I am Study in Secondary School. So from there, my instructors asking me to join this college after finished SPM.

My classmated usually know me from from my dressup, because I always use college shirt.

I want people to notice about me from my behavior, they are strictly, honestly, caring, responsible and friendly.

Strictly I do not want people to notice about me from my history. It is like education, history, love, medical history, bad experience and my first dream

In this moment, I should be in Kolej Tentera Darat at johor bharu. But I do not want.

My Self (Essay 7)

The day is 20th Oct 2008 and I am in the second week of my college life and i starting to experience the life away from my sweet home. I am 19 years old and i am a Indian boy with simple life style with a small but lovely smile on my face. Its been a year and half since finishing my spm and i was trying to find a good and reconized colloge to pursue my interest in safety and health, then one of my cousin brother working as a safety manager introduce me to this college and this diploma course.

I think I don’t have, what so called as a dominant personality but its easy to remember me because i am a bit tall and brownish skin and most of all a sweet smile on my face.
I love when people think and talk of me but the 5 main things i want people to notice about me is my way of talking because i love to talk, my smile, my hair do, my dressing style and the way I concentrate in classroom.

There is something that i just don’t want people to notice about me and the 5 main things is, i am a bit lazy, sometimes i get angry without even realizing that i am angry, i eat a lot, sometimes i talk a lot and i love to think that i am always the best of the rest.

The best place i would rather be at this or any other moment is and my only answer would be my home and be with my parents because there is no place that is more good and peaceful other than any house, cause i love her cooking and caringness on me, its like heaven when i am in my house, but right now i have to concentrate on my studies then only think about any other things. Thank you.

My Self (Essay 6)

I am study in Consist College, i am here because i like to improve myself. I know about this college because this safety and health course can make my life change.

I am the one who like to talk to much, when I am started talking I am sure that i can not stop talking.

I like to sleep and play video games every day. I also like to go out with my friend every night. I love to talk with my girlfriend on the phone.

At this moment, i usually go to sleep or play games because I like to play game and sleep lately.

My Self (Essay 5)

Hello, I just 18 years old. I live at Taman Bukit Indah, Ampang. My last school at Smk ST John KL. I know about this college when I hang around with my firend at KLCC 4 month a go. I thing this college is very good. When I say I want to study in this college I got avery good impression from my parent and my uncle.

Most dominant personality trait about me is height. I not so fat and not so skinny. I a cool guy.

5 things people notice about me is I very cool, colour of my skin is not so black. I where a white shoes. I little bit quiet in class. And friendly.

I like to sleep and playing. I like to hang arand. I little bit lazy in my study from school.

I would be successful in my study and in my work for my future.

My Self (Essay 4)

I am 19 years old boy, still single. I am here in this college to finish my DOSHM management. I know about this college from one of my brother’s fren, he is studying in this college. I choose this programne because I am very interested in safety and health management it have many good benefits. We also can have a bright future.

The most dominant personality in my self is when I smile. People can notice me from the way I comb my hair, the way I look, I use motorbike, I am always wearing jeans and I have a beutiful nose.

I do not want people to know that where I am from, what kind of person I like to cooperate, what time I will sleep and what kind of activity I like most.

In this moment, I wonder have a rest nearby waterfall, because we can feel cold air and freshness.

My Self (Essay 3)

I am a new student in X college. I am a girl from a small town in Kedah. My town name is Kulim. I know about this college from my cousins. It happen when one day he come to my house and tell me about X college. It sounds interesting but I use a long time to think about it. Before I came here, I have to ask my parent’s opinion and I also pray in Islam call “istikhorah”. After a few day, I think this is the correct courses I have to take. Why I Choose this courses? This is because the courses are interesting and challenge to me. I want to learn something new.

My most dominant personality trait is I did not talk to much. I did not know why this happen to me.

Five things I want people to notice about me are shiny focus, sometime serious, sometime funny and the last one is I like to learn something new for my self.

Five things I do not want people notice about me are less of confident, not talented, like sleeping, easy to trust another people and do not know how to cook.

I would rather be at my house and having my mom’s cooking at this moment. But, I have to tertier my study that far from my house. So, I will miss my mom’s cooking.

My Self (Essay 2)

I come from Batu Pahat, Johor and I was born at home. Right now, i am studying at X College. I am here because i am taking a course at this college. I know about this college from my mother. Her friend’s son taking this course too. I am not sure if I like this course but if not, i still will like it all my heart.

Maybe because i will talk much with the person that I closed. am easy to close with someone after we are hanging around for a moment. I want they to know that i am a normal person that would like to joke but a little bit i am a sensitive person. Do not be joke with me when i am in bad mood. Lastly, i like to laugh.

I do not want people make joke on me with my sight. I am also love chocolates and I prefer to eat my mom’s cook. I not hate them but I do not like a smoker. Even I do not like it, I can accept if they are smoker because i like to get a new friend. I rather be at my hometown and eating my mom’s cook

My Self (Essay 1)

I am a student in X college. I am talking Diploma in occupational safety and Health management. I here because I like this course and further in my study. I know this course from my bestfriend, he suggest me take this course because I cannot study in engineering before this.

People usely know me as “kecik” because I small among my friends. Every where I go with my friend I will be small one.

People usely notice about me because I the small one. Second I have scooter. I also had work at Plaza low yat, I am working as salesman there. I can repair computer and laptop. Many friends sometime I help them by repair their motocycle.

The thing that I do not want people notice about me is wandering arong Kuala Lumpur with my friend. Sometimes I will meet my scooter club member. I do not want people notice me that I like to race. Sometime I can emotional with my friend.

I would rather be at Pulau Pinang because that so peaceful. Before this I always went there to relax my mind.