Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Analyze the effects of excessive television viewing on children.

One of the benefits is education. We have a channel to education on Astro. Parent should use this oppotunity for their children. For other benefits is children can get the information from television. For example is animals plants on the Astro. After that, the children can direct study for to know the animals. In the television the children can get the more information to pass by television.

After that, the children can lesson to by pass the story. Other benefits can also why the children watching the television because the children has strees after back to school. Futhermore, we must know watch the television can be only watch the television if we have bored and hot activities to do.

Finally, children must be focur on education not watching television always. Children must do timetable for watching television, and can divide between education and television.

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